Sample of Services Offered:

  • Interim President and CFO assignments.
  • Board of Director appointments.
  • Review or create the strategic plan to ensure that stakeholders are on the same page regarding where the company is going and what is needed to get there.
  • Objectively review organizational structure, leadership and management, and make recommendations as to current and future needs.
  • Develop and/or confidentially recruit executive-level and mid-level management to ensure current and future needs.
  • Review the company (or group of companies) structure, consolidating where necessary to reduce expenses.
  • Analyze financial statements to identify profit centers and unnecessary cash drains.
  • Objectively review all entities and divest underperforming restaurants and/or assets.
  • Examine existing leases and contracts, and if necessary, renegotiate better terms.
  • Assist or lead acquisition of new locations, sales to investment analysis, return on investment, site selection, letter of intent, and lease negotiations.